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Don’t waste years being dissatisfied with your appearance… Did you know that there are dozens of safe and affordable options available TODAY to get the rejuvenating results that you desire?

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Put Your Best SELF Forward With a Rejuvenated, More Youthful Appearance…

Don’t risk being the victim of a botched medical procedure before you learn about common mistakes and misconceptions that smart people, like you, make everyday when correcting your appearance with cosmetic enhancements.

Before entrusting just any of the cosmetic surgery or plastic surgeons providers in London, you should arm yourself with the facts and get the real truth about common misconceptions surrounding both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements.

Are you feeling…

  • You could make an informed decision if you only knew more about what questions you should be asking?
  • Unsure about how to select the right cosmetic procedure, let alone the right surgeon for your needs?
  • Frustrated with the lack of information you get no matter how many times you ask questions, and instead get more pitches on additional procedures?

Rest assured that you’re not alone. In fact here at Cosmetic Surgery London we offer this consumer education message to keep smart patients – just like you – from making common mistakes when considering cosmetic surgery.

We are going to share a few common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery and additional non-surgical enhancements to help you understand fact from fiction. That way, you can make a completely informed decision about the procedure that may be right for you and how you can find a physician that is in alignment with your needs.

Four Common Plastic Surgery Misconceptions

1. Plastic Surgery is obvious – you end up with that “done” appearance.

This misconception is primarily because of the exaggerated media coverage of celebrities.
The most common fear is that you will end up with a nose like Michael Jackson, a chest the size of Dolly Parton, or a face like Joan Rivers. In reality, the goal of any cosmetic procedure should be a subtle improvement that highlights your own natural beauty, without an extreme over done appearance.

2. Plastic surgery can remove your scars.

Once you have a scar, it can never be totally removed, however, it can be significantly improved to the point of it not being noticeable. There are a number of different procedures that can be used to improve scarring, and they all are based on thinning and blending the scar in with the surrounding skin.

3. Once you get one cosmetic procedure, you must have multiple other procedures done in the future to maintain your look.

The answer is not true. Cosmetic procedures are done to improve your own appearance and are not intended to create an appearance that distorts or disfigures you to the point of you not looking like yourself. An over-zealous approach can distort your look, and that might cause you to need future procedures to remedy the situation.

4. If I have a photograph of another person (a model or celebrity), a good plastic surgeon can make me look like that (give me that nose, or chin, or physique).

You have to understand that you will encounter limitations in trying to obtain this goal. * First and foremost, everyone has a different skeletal framework;
* second, everyone’s skin type is different;
* finally, the appearance of the requested anatomical change on your framework may look nothing like the photograph of that model in the magazine. You absolutely must have the understanding with your Plastic Surgeon that you must work with in the framework of a realistic outcome, relative to the different physical characteristics that you have.

Cosmetic surgery has made huge advances in recent years, with consumers seeking a subtle, natural refresh to their face and body, with minimum discomfort and downtime.